About Lumiterra

We are the service arm of Illumineer Ltd. A Toronto based organization that has been in Lighting Industry for over 30 years.

Providing Service Since 2004

We are the recognized testing lab (17025) in partnership with Illumineer Ltd which certifies light fixtures, and the only solid state repair facility in North America.

At Lumiterra we work with all types of commercial, industrial and residential lighting fixture. By updating, repairing, of lighting we are able to reduce the cost of operation, eliminate the need to replace whole lighting systems resulting in smaller carbon footprint. 

Our service centre technicians are the experts at LEDs and how best to replace, convert, repair, retrofit, upgrade and match.

LED Technology Experts

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A recognized laboratory that certify, repair, refurbish, convert, match, and other several lighting fixtures. Lumiterra specializes in solid-state LED fixtures.

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