Refurbish LEDs

Fix, replace and keep the design integrity of your LED light fixtures

Do you have a lighting installation or fixtures that are not working or you would like to upgrade it to LEDs? At Lumiterra we carefully remove the electric components of the fixture and replace them with the latest LEDs. Lengthening the life of the fixture while maintaining the look and feel of the design, conserving energy, and lowering operational and service costs.

Refurbish LED

Colour Matching

We use specialized colour matching technology that will match the existing light installation. The process starts by assessing the current colour, light pattern of the working fixtures. Source and replace the no longer working fixture/LED, test it that it works and return it to you for installation. A cost saving service that does not require to replace the entire installation.

Refurbish LED lighting means to renew/to restore to a new condition. It is safe, cheaper than buying a new one and you will make your lights go on once more. Just a recognized test lab can refurbish your LED safely.

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