5 Reasons Why Repair Your LED Light Fixtures


You may not know, but when you have burned-out LED light it’s not necessary to run to buy a new one. Keep your old light fixture by repairing or converting it to LED. Here are 5 benefits you should repair LED light fixtures.

1 – Energy efficient

LED lights produce less heat, which means they will only use around 3.5% to 7% energy compared to incandescent.

At the end of the month, the low power consumption of LED light fixtures translates into significant energy savings and more money. 

In our experience, most LED lighting retrofit projects result in a 95-98% improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the facility’s lighting. 

Do you want to know how much money you can save on energy costs by repairing your LED light fixtures? Visit our LED Savings Calculator:  Lumiterra exclusive LED Calculator. 

2 – Environmentally friendly

Be green it is not just hype! Carbon footprint is a reality.

By 2030, the Canadian government predicts LED light has the potential to reduce general lighting energy consumption by more than half. This means saving both energy costs and carbon emissions. In addition, LED lights don’t contain mercury, an extremely dangerous material that was used for decades in the lighting industry.  

So, next time you have a burned-out LED light, there is no need to rush to a home center and buy a new one.

Save time, fuel, divert it from the landfill, and minimize your carbon footprint by repairing the ones that you already have. 

3 – Retain the Architectural Design

Industrial and commercial light projects require large investments in design to achieve a certain look or light distribution. 

A non-functioning or defective LED will detract from the architectural design of the building, can give the impression of inadequate business quality. Layout and design are part of the brand fundamentals expressed to the public.

It’s totally possible to maintain the design effect of the LED light fixtures by repairing, refurbishing or converting them to LED.

However, making the correct repairs to LED lights requires expertise and specialized equipment. Lumiterra is the only ISO 17025 recognized lab in Canada, specialized in repairing, converting and upgrading LED light fixtures.

4 – Safety

The general design of LED fixtures has a lower heat signature. They may be used in smaller spaces, fire-rated ceilings and can be incorporated in and around materials that are heat sensitive. 

LED lights don’t produce heat (touch freely) and also are perfect for any light distribution. Nonetheless, as in all electrical installations, strict adherence to instructions on use and installation is paramount.

In fact, when an emergency arises, probably it will be the LED lights that will brighten your path to a safe place.  

5 – Lower Maintenance Costs

LED lights are synonyms with a long lifespan. While incandescent bulbs are expected to have a lifetime of 1000 hours, LED lights will provide light for up to 50,000 hours, that is over 6 years of continual use.

So, forget about sending a maintenance crew to replace failed lights for a very long time.

However, LED lights degrade slowly over their service life, affecting mainly the lumen output

Do you have a burned-out LED fixture and need help? Call Lumiterra and get a free quote. 

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